Document management with TRM Cairns gives you back the office that you may have thought was gone forever ... one without the enormous bays of filing cabinets, without the burden of wasted hours when something obscure is needed, and one where everything is at your fingertips. Our world-class Cairns records management facilities have the power to transform your working life and give your business the gift of agility and flexibility.

TRM Cairns is Queensland's largest privately-owned regional records management company, proudly servicing successful Australian & international organisations. We provide services from Papua Niugini through to Cairns, offering quality storage & services to help make archiving easy for all Queensland businesses. Service, reliability & professionalism in Cairns records management... guaranteed!

Who are we?

TRM Cairns is an active member of the international industry and is proud to be aligned with other successful records centres in Australia and around the world.

At TRM Cairns, we are standards-setters in the document management industry, in Cairns and across the globe. With:

  • ISO9001:2008 Accreditation
  • The most current and relevant technology, software and records management skills
  • No contracts ... we keep your business through world-class services
  • On-demand imaging and storage for your records management

There is no document management service more respected and suited to businesses who need dependable, quality services. If your filing is frustrating ... TRM Cairns is here to help.

We're always happy to chat about how TRM Cairns can discover document management solutions for your business. Contact us today for fast answers, quotes and TRM Cairns records management services.